You can’t make this stuff up

A lot of smart people have pointed out that California’s EV obsession is going to run into problems with objective reality. Obsession, meet Objective Reality. You two make yourselves comfortable and I’ll be back in a minute with something to drink.

2 thoughts on “You can’t make this stuff up

  1. But….but….. electric cars are so smart! We’re so smart and green and right-thinking progressive, educated people!

  2. Well, if you can’t go to work because your EV’s battery is too discharged, you can just stay home lounging in front of the cool, cool, AC unit…oh, wait. Nevermind.

    Side note: The late Bob Bruninga WB4APR, made a compelling case for EVs for the 92% of office workers where the round-trip commute is 35 miles or less. He assumed the grid was up… Sticking 400W of solar panels on your EV to charge for the eight hours you’re in the office means you’ve added a whopping FOUR miles to its range. Hmm. Not terribly useful. Also, don’t work nights.
    Source: Energy Choices for the Radio Amateur.

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