OK, I’m going to allow myself one last post on the California blackouts. I’ve been out of town and off the news for a few days, and this makes for what I’m going to call hysterically funny reading.

‘This Did Not Go Well’: Inside PG&E’s Blackout Control Room

And you expected it would?

CA Power Shutdowns Causing Air Pollution Concerns

How dare you proles use unauthorized means of power generation!

Shadow of Gray Davis looms over Newsom as outages rock California

Hundreds of thousands out of power, but the important thing is how this could effect the Democrat governor’s plans to climb the ladder.

California power outages highlight economic disparity

Muh social justice

California blackouts are a planned disaster

And finally, a bit of intelligence in the situation.

And barring some really tasty tidbit showing up, that’s enough of that. Draw your lessons on what happens when a blackout this size shows up without warning.

1 thought on “Shooting fish in a barrel

  1. The air pollution article highlights what folks have been saying about the media: the headline is alarming but the quotes all pretty much say"this could be a problem, but it isn't".

    Properly-sited new-generation nukes would solve a lot of problems… oh, wait, CA can't even trim back the trees. Nevermind.

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