Does it work or what?

Californians, subject to, at this point, blackout after blackout in an effort to prevent wildfires are still being subjected to wildfires. It seems Mother Nature cares not for PG&E and Southern California Edison’s efforts.

In the meantime, real people in CA are being hurt in droves by the blackouts. This is one interesting video from someone who very obviously doesn’t do the slickly produced YouTube thing. Citizen journalism at it’s finest, reporting the impact of decades of poor decision making.

I’ve been to northern California and it is, in many places, some of the most beautiful territory I’ve ever seen. I know that for many it’s home, and they’re tied there by family, jobs and history.

I still don’t understand why they stay in an area that is devolving into a Third World Shithole. My parents left decades of family history, jobs and home to move to North Carolina in search of a better life. But if they’re going to stay…

Edit, 1959: Found this on ZeroHedge: Every time the wind blows California will become Venezuela. How could anyone with half a brain think this sort of thing is a good idea?

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