While I haven’t felt like doing anything myself, I’ve been watching those who do.

The most interesting one I’ve seen in the prepping space is Southern Prepper 1. He’s been doing a pretty much a daily series catalog of reports he’s getting from his viewers all over the US. Pretty eye opening stuff. A lot of it I’ve seen around here, some of it I’ve heard here and there and some of it is new. All of it is concerning.

Canadian Prepper is still pretty firmly mired in clickbait, but he’s got some useful information, if you can either listen at 2x speed or just put up with the woo-woo.

City Prepping has the occasional interesting video, but you have to wade through 15 minutes of video for 5 minutes of good content.

Kye Noseworthy has a ton of interesting knife videos.

S2 Underground is still dropping good stuff every few days.

I hope to get back out and about next week and see how things fare around the Bitty Burg.

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