Craptastic Chinese Virus Continues to be Craptastic

I can wish...

I think the last time I had something that hung on this strongly was…well, I don’t know. Probably it was a girlfriend I was trying to get rid of.

The symptoms I had early on, like the vicious muscle and joint aches, are long gone. The only early one that’s hanging around is the exhaustion. I’m bone weary. I keep trying to do a little something here and there, but 20-30 minutes of “exertion” and I’m pretty much exerted for the day. Then there’s the new stuff, like the nagging cough, brought on by a constant post-nasal drip. There’s some pretty serious photosensitivity. I have that when the migraines are acting up, but this is not being caused by migraines. My sense of taste is also “off”, but I’ve had this before due to migraine meds. It’s just a PITA, really. I also have a persistent olfactory hallucination-I smell something that smells sort of burnt, but with a weird spicy undertone.

Perhaps that last one the the odor our country is emitting as it slowly roasts itself. Cheery thought, isn’t it?

I’ve talked to the rest of the family, and everyone has had one or more of these symptoms, and they eventually go away. Time seems to be dependent on the patient, and fortunately has nothing to do with age. And realistically, we’re pretty lucky-look at this laundry list of symptoms the afflicted have reported-and these are symptoms that you have after the actual Wuflu infection is over.

When I feel better, I’d love to get my hands on the geniuses that cooked this stuff up in their little chamber of horrors, because they need to experience some serious torture.

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