Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 13

I’ve been hanging out at home, so not a lot to talk about. I did go out yesterday to pick up a prescription. I used the drive-thru window at the drug store to keep the personal interaction down to a minimum. When my turn came, there was no one at the window, but I could see all the pharmacy workers in masks.

“I guess they’re taking this seriously.”

Then the lady came up to the window. She had her mask on, too. Under her chin, but on.


Today was my usual 6 month visit to the doc. This is mostly to do a blood draw to check on the thyroid thing and was done via video this time. Social distancing. Normally, we’d have a blood draw at the office, but video. Now, I get to go to a local lab to get it done. I’ll be taking a mask with me for sure.

I’m still working on the ham shack. It’s together enough I could make what I hope is the final parts order. That’s going to take a few days to arrive, but I can move outside and work on the HF antenna. That means I’m going to be digging a trench of some length by hand. My chiropractor will love me.

On a local 2 meter net last night, one of the guys said he had been to the grocery store and it was fairly well stocked. There was even toilet paper. So he claims. 😉

In the larger world, I’m hearing about more and more food processing plants being closed because they can’t keep the workers away from the Wuflu. Of course, it must be the employer’s fault, because these people couldn’t be exposed to it anywhere but at work. This is going to add stress to an already stressed system. I swear, there are people out there who want this to be as bad as possible.

More at some undefined point in the future. Stay safe.

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