You know, I keep telling people that “We don’t bounce so good at our age”

But I never remember to apply it to myself. I need to rectify that oversight.

It seems that once one is “over” the Wuflu, the Wuflu may not be over you. While I’ve been able to get around and do a few things, the effort has left me…hammered. Each day that I have done a few things, they’ve been fewer than the day before and the price for the doing, higher. Mowing the grass yesterday was apparently totally inadvisable. By the time I’d finished, I was worn out and trying to cough up a lung.

The odd thing is that while I was sick, I didn’t cough at all. Now I’m coughing my head off, mostly in the evenings. Getting a decent night’s sleep is problematic at best, or like last night, unlikely. For the most part, I have to sleep reclining. It seems to keep the yuck from settling.

I have restarted the Vitamin I on the assumption that I wasn’t really better when I thought I was. I’m going to restrict the physical activity for a while, and pay particular attention to breathing. Pulseox is good, and there’s no wheezing in my chest, but there is some tightness that shouldn’t be there. I’m keeping a close eye on all things O2, and I will pull the trigger on an ER trip if necessary. I can do without a lot of things, but breathing isn’t on that list.

I keep hearing people say that getting old beats the alternative. I’m not sure I’m convinced.

1 thought on “You know, I keep telling people that “We don’t bounce so good at our age”

  1. It seems like anytime I get sick, which is seldom, thank God, I end up short of breath and coughing. My doc prescribed albuterol inhaler, which works for me. Stops the cough so I can sleep or get some work done.

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