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Finnish painter Fanny Churburg was born in 1845, the third child of a physician father and a mother who died when she was 12. This left her as the woman of the house, caring for two brothers and her father. Moving to Helsinki with her brothers after her father’s death c. 1865, she began studying art there, later moving to Dusseldorff to further her studies. She returned to Finland each summer to paint, returning full time about 1863 to care for her dying father..

Churburg stopped painting in 1880 to take care of a brother ill with tuberculosis, and died in 1895.

The thing about her that impresses me is that during a relatively short career, she completed 300+ paintings. Her art is almost Impressionistic without truly belonging to that school. She painted her home with obvious love and an understanding of what it meant to live in an environment as demanding as Finland.

(This artist was suggested by the excellent DailyArt app.)

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