No escape from the Wuflu

Just when things have made the smallest move back to “normal”, it seems we get a new variant of the Wuflu. As you’ve seen by now, we have the omicron, or as I call it, the OMGnicron, variant that is taking things by storm.

I got a text from Daughter this morning that she is showing signs of it. She can’t get into a doc-in-the-box, anywhere within an hour’s drive until Thursday. So much for “urgent care”. Testing sites are also clogged up. Given the reported symptoms, everyone with a head cold or the flu is getting tested, “just in case”, and clogging up the works. I’m not too worried about her-other than being overweight her health is good. (She inherited my thyroid, I’m afraid.)

The thing that really concerns me is our continuing societal over-reaction to this entire show, pretty much starting about 3-4 months in, when information that “Hey, this isn’t as bad as we first thought” started coming out. Folks, the shadowy “They” is manipulating us, and at least 1/3 of our population is falling for it.

Have you talked to someone who simply will not open their eyes to new information on the virus? Do you know someone whose reaction to this ongoing issue borders on hysterical? I sure do-my brother-in-law and his wife. They were supposed to come over for Christmas, but as soon as they were told that the kids and I remained among the unwashed they canceled, citing the fact their daughter “hasn’t had her booster yet”. Yeah, sure, and enjoy your Christmas.

It’s called “mass formation psychosis“, and that’s the game being ran on us. Yes, I’ve saved that one to the old hard drive, just in case Dr. Malone is unpersoned.

Before he’s totally unpersoned (the guy is already banned from most social media), you need to sign up for Steve Kirsch’s Substack channel. The guy is doing great work getting the word out on the Wuflu news that is banned by the mainstream media outlets and social media. You’re going to get a half-dozen or more messages a day, so be prepared.

As I said in my 2022 predictions, “They are not going to let go of this”. This seems to be the wagon the globalists and the Great Resetters have hitched their team to. They will use OMGnicron and whatever variant shows up after it to continually pound on that 1/3 of people who have fallen into mass formation psychosis. They want to use them to control us.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been controlled, outside of my time in the Army, since I was about 7. And I have no intention of being controlled now.

I told Mrs. Freeholder that I was tempted to go over and visit with Daughter for the afternoon and see if I could go ahead, get the Wuflu and get his over with. She thought that was funny, and I think that’s a good sign none of the 1/3 live in my house.

Keep up the good fight. Things are going to get bad, and things are going to get dark, but I believe in the end we will carry the day.

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