Deputy, you made my day

So, yesterday I was on my way to the vet with one of our cats and going down a back road I run up on a license check. Gr-r-r.

I’ve never had a bad experience with one here in North Carolina, but there is always a first time. Also, as a concealed carrier, I know there is a non-zero chance that every encounter with law enforcement could go south in some unanticipated way.

Fortunately, I ran into a peace officer. NC is a “duty to notify” state, so I rolled up, put down the window and he asked for my license. Before I moved anything other than my head, I informed him that I have a concealed carry permit and that I am armed. You know what his response was?


The rest of it went as such things must, with me telling him where my wallet was, waiting for permission to move for it and so on. But there was no tension on either side. This is a huge plus in my life.

So, to a shall be unnamed deputy from the Randolph County (NC) Sheriff’s Department, you have my gratitude for a dangerous job well done.

For the curious, Kitty Boy is probably going to be just fine. Based on the exam and some fluid obtained by needle, they believe has has a lipoma, but we’re waiting on tests to confirm.

Edit, 3/8/2019: Yep, it’s a lipoma. Need to call the vet to see where we go from here.

2 thoughts on “Deputy, you made my day

  1. I'm glad you found a good Cop. Sadly, Peace officers such as this are hard to find.

    The really sad part is that you were relieved when it went well even though you were doing nothing wrong. The fact that you were afraid of it turning bad says volumes about police in the US. The fact that it NOT going sideways was news says even more.

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