One thought on “RF Exposure–not a good thing in high doses

  1. The story in US Navy radar fix-it school was the teacher handed the new class instructions on bringing the system on-line then left. He came back to find they were pumping out a BUNCH of RF but the dish wasn't rotating. Panic ensued as there was the definite possibility of injuring people in a nearby building- possibly me! Luckily the beam was pointing at a mature, fully leafed-out tree. Said tree slowly developed a large "tunnel" of dead foliage illustrating that yes, indeed, the rf is kinda collimated.

    Slightly OT: Every time the nearby ships swept our training equipment with their d@#%! radar cranked up(it was supposed to be on "low"), we could actually see the data registers get corrupted. No need for any shielding on mere training gear…

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