Report from the OP, September 14, 2021

I’m taking something more of a view from 35,000′ this time around. No links because my time to write this is short. I think you can all use an Internet search engine, right? Besides, you shouldn’t believe anyone, including me, without confirming it yourself. More on this at the end.

The phrase that’s making it’s way around everything I’m reading or listening to is “low intensity conflict” or something similar. There is no consensus I can see between sources over whether or not this is a prelude to a hot civil war or something else. Still, just this bit of knowledge is worth having.

So far, things seem to be centered on large metro areas on the east and west coasts, with some large metros in the interior also seeing problems. I think that after having several showdowns with various armed opponents and law enforcement in several small towns last year and this, Leftists are staying in their own playgrounds for now. As they continue to gain strength, gain experience with firearms, continue to improve their communications infrastructure and destroy their current haunts, I expect them to try and move outward. For those of us who live way too close to a major metro, this isn’t a comforting thought. I have 3 within 2 hours drive, two of them within an hour. Not a great location.

I’m loading the RV for an expedition and this has proven to me some wisdom that’s been out there for a long time – if you plan on bugging out, you need to have your gear pre-packed so you can simply load containers into your vehicles. If this had been a situation where we had to leave within an hour, we would be relatively screwed. I’m going to consider how this might be addressed, but given I have no bug out location to go to, it may be more of an academic exercise. For those of you who actually plan on bugging out, I suggest rehearsing the scenario, including loading and making your way to the location.

For those of us who are in the line of fire because of our location, the time is here to thoroughly review your plans, whether they are “hunker down” or “bug out”. You may find that, in going over things, you may need to make changes either a little or a lot. You may also find holes in your preps, or items that need to be added.

Filling any holes may get difficult because of the supply chain issues I’ve mentioned before. Word this week is that Shanghai has been shut down due to damage from a tropical cyclone. While we’re having problems sourcing items from China, our neighbors to the south are reported as not having the same issues. China is playing games with us. Big shock given the weakness we’re showing at this point.

I hear tires are now getting hard to get-one person needed tires for his pickup and was told it would be a two month wait. If you need stuff, now would be the time to get it if you can. Also get any auto repairs that need done, done. Son-in-Law says that many parts are getting harder and harder to get.

The specter of inflation is stalking the land. A major grocery store chain is warning about food price inflation. Overall inflation, supposedly transient, is starting to look more pernicious. Keep an eye on places that have “alternate” economic numbers, like Shadowstats. The government lies, especially about the economy. If you have investments, don’t ignore them. Be ready to make sudden and perhaps major changes to your positions.

Labor is also an economic sore point. We’re still short truck drivers, warehouse workers and pretty much every other kind of worker. Some unknown number of people are quitting or being fired rather than taking the jab, and I hear that is becoming a big pain for hospitals. One in upper New York state had to stop delivering babies. While generous unemployment benefits at the Federal level are gone, various states are under pressure to make up for it. If they do so, the labor shortage will continue. Increasingly generous compensation packages, meant to lure workers back to work, will also feed inflation.

Let’s not even discuss what the idiots in the District of Criminals are doing. It just raises my blood pressure. Let’s just say the insanity continues unabated.

Goods of all types are getting short and will get shorter. While this situation will probably end, it won’t end soon. I’m hearing that we should expect 2022 to be worse, not better. See to your pantry especially. I keep hearing vague rumors of food shortages, worse overseas but here as well. If you’ve read much history at all, you know that a lot of revolutions and wars start over food.

We are getting some pieces of good news, such as the withdrawal of David “Roast ’em all” Chipman as Director of the BATFE. While things like this are great, don’t overestimate the impact. In the case of Chipman, they’ll find someone just as bad but with less of a record to attack.

If you haven’t built your own “network” of news/data/intelligence resources, this would be a good time to do so. Situational awareness is going to be not just important, but incredibly important. Don’t ignore your local area, either. We’ve just had a motorcycle “club” buy and begin renovating a house near us. That’s the sort of thing you need to notice.

Still got things to do tonight. Out here.

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