Report from the OP, 5/20/2021

What a difference a week makes.

Gov. Cooped Up has lifted mask rules and limits on gatherings pretty much across the board. There ae a few exceptions, such as public transit (mandated by our Feral Government) and at schools and camps. You’re supposed to be “fully vaccinated”, but no one is asking. Besides, if they do, I’m going to tell them my medical history is covered under HIPPA and that they can go pound sand. Politely, of course.

Despite this development, at a stop by Harbor Freight, I saw the employees still in their Coronawear, and some of the customers as well. Hey, if that’s what it takes to keep corporate happy, you go with it. If it’s what it takes to keep you comfortable, by all means. Just don’t expect me to play along any longer. I’ll be interested to see how a doctor’s appointment next week goes when I show up sans mask and vaccine. I’m expecting to be offered the jab, which I will turn down, politely if possible and forcefully if necessary. I can always find another practice.

I had to be out and about today, and I noticed a couple of interesting things.

The gas situation has stabilized, but is not back to where we were before Colonial Pipeline’s IT Department had a brain fart that allowed their network to get infected by ransomware. Seriously, you can’t find competent help?

I saw a couple of stations who were still out of gas. Most had at least 87 octane in stock. Prices at most locations are holding at $3/gallon, although you can find it for $2.90 if you look. My pickup was a little under 1/2 tank, so I went ahead and filled it up. Tanker trucks seemed to be everywhere. Jack Spirko at the Survival Podcast is positing that gas prices will not go back down and that seeing empty pumps will continue. I will not be surprised if he is right on either or both. I’m already seeing stories about “Gas prices are going up as the Memorial Day holiday approaches”. Of course they are. These proles must still have some stimulus money lying around.

A lot of the area I drove through this morning is rural and agricultural in nature. I noticed something that’s a bit disturbing-fallow fields. A lot of fallow fields. A ton of fallow fields. The only crop I saw being harvested was hay. The first cutting has been going on for 3+ weeks around here. But far too many fields are just sitting there. By now, we should be seeing corn and soybeans growing, and instead there are weeds.

I also saw a lot of big gardens tilled up, but apparently not planted. I saw one old gent who was apparently re-plowing his garden. The date of last frost is late April around here, and gardens should have been in the ground and growing 3 weeks ago. Not sure what’s going on with this.

That’s it- a short one this time. More when warranted.

1 thought on “Report from the OP, 5/20/2021

  1. ” gas prices will not go back down” They didn’t go up here in flyover country until a couple of days ago and only by a dime per gallon.

    “what it takes to keep you comfortable” I did a 5-minute grocery run on the way to work at 8:15am today. A few days ago the signs changed from “mandatory” to “highly recommended”. Masking/de-masking seemed like too much work and the mega-food-store would be almost empty, right? It felt really weird. All the self-checkout lanes were closed, dammit! So much for zero humanoid contact.

    “going up as the Memorial Day holiday approaches” It always does- no pandemic needed.

    ” gardens should have been in the ground ” My daughter just laughingly told me their “last frost” date is June 30-ish.

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