On the utility of small motorcycles

Eric Peters clues you in, just in case your young adulthood didn’t include the best method of transport other than horses and aircraft. And no, I won’t put them in rank order for anyone at any price.

1 thought on “On the utility of small motorcycles

  1. Many moons ago, I owned a little Honda CB250 and went everywhere with it. Two things came out of that experience. The first one was the realization that there are two kinds of bike riders. The ones who have had accidents and the ones who are going to have accidents. I agree with the majority that motorcycles are nice but, like cars and trucks, they are tied to the gas/diesel infrastructure. While not as fast, my Biketrix Juggernaut Duo with the duel batteries has a range of over a hundred miles and with the fat tires and suspension, it can go off-road very easily. Add a good fold-up 100-watt solar panel and it will go a lot farther than any motorcycle. Also on the plus side is no license, no insurance and no drivers testing.

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