Fine Art Tuesday

I’ve always been attracted to sunsets. Many years ago, when I first started playing with photography, I was almost a fixture at a certain local lake where the vista opened to the west. I look at those early efforts now and go “Eh…”.

However, the efforts of Anton Zwengauer, a Munich-born painter of the Biedermeier period, stand the test of time far better, enough so that many call paintings of the sunset “Zwengauers”. Amazing for a man with no formal training in painting landscapes.

Our featured image is Moorsee In The Evening Light With A Deer On The Shore (Moorsee Im Abendlicht Mit Einem Hirsch Am Ufer in the original German). A great stag stands on the shore of lake. I expect that he has come down for his evening drink, but it appears he has been started by something across the shallow arm of the lake. A hunter perhaps?

It almost looks as if he is admiring God’s great handiwork. But we all know deer don’t do that, right?

(Sources for this post are Wikipedia and Prabook. It was inspired by this post from Daily Art.)

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