I remember (yet again) why I hate changing computers

Seriously, I had forgotten how much swearing I could do when I have to swap out a computer. And I’ve done two in recent days, plus a lot of other stuff. That’s why I’ve had this thing on autopilot.

The first computer was the one I use with my ham radio gear. I built myself a brand new machine, based on an i7-9700K processor and 32 GB of RAM. Nice, quick, water-cooled. I did not do all the fancy lights inside the case. I’ll leave that to the gamer crowd.

Outside of having to learn by painful experience that I don’t know squat about the innards of a modern PC, it was a fun-ish and interesting process. Eventually I got the hardware where I wanted it, dropped a copy of Windows on it and started reinstalling the software. Some of that went really well, and one collection of 3 programs still doesn’t work quite as it should.

However, I’m back on the air, doing my “digital modes” thing.

The second computer was a true swap, from an older laptop to the old but still better machine from the ham shack. You know, the one where I fried the motherboard. I’m happy to report that the replacement mobo arrived on time and that the transplant went well. No further factory-installed smoke was released.

I wish I could say the same for getting all my software back on, configured and working as I wish. Let’s say that sort of process is still less than optimized. But I do have a working machine and I’m back on the air, so to speak.

There has also been the normal goings on around here, including the continual floods of rain. We may need an ark soon. I walked across the back yard this morning to deliver birdseed to my feathered friends, and where I didn’t sink into the ground I squished, and if I did neither of those I splashed. If the weatherdroids can be believed, we should be in for a dry 7-10 day spell. I’ll believe it when I don’t squish.

“Normal” posting should resume tomorrow.

I am still working out the kinks in the blog itself, so bear with me on that one. I have resolved the issue of the “featured image” issue. I’m just going to go with how the #^#$ software wants to work. So there is the featured image, which you see as a thumbnail on the home page and as a way too large image on any given post’s page. I’m not sure I can do much about the size of the image, and I know it makes you have to scroll down to read. I’ll look for some way to deal with that. In the meantime, I went back to the first post here (which was the last post at the old place) and removed the copy of the image that was embedded in the posts.

1 thought on “I remember (yet again) why I hate changing computers

  1. I build a new PC in December. I was able to readily get all of the parts except a video card. -growl- Cryptocurrency miners are using bots to buy up everything available. I keep checking multiple times a day on multiple sites and get nothing. I’ve had one on backorder since December with no available ship date. I am using a seven year old card to be able to do basic things like email and browsing, but the video editing I want to get done stays on hold.

    The image on your home page looks fine to me. If you want me to send you a screen cap of what I see, let me know where to send the .jpg to.

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