Sunday Reading

(Housekeeping note: Sunday Reading is going to become an “if and when” post, like Wednesday Weirdness. I’m spending a lot of time doing, not so much relaxing. It makes no sense to me to have to keep saying “Not this week.”)

While I don’t get to read as many books lately, I do read, and probably more than I should in terms of time spent. That reading is from various sites around the Intertubz. Here’s a partial list of things that have struck my fancy this week.

How They Hunt-counter insurgency tactics in the modern era.

What Do We Do With A Pretend President?-How one man is dealing with a stolen election.

How We Take America Back-An ambitious plan to defeat the left.

Communications in the Purge-Stay in touch.

And what I think is the last edition of The Woodpile Report. Damn, but I miss Remus.

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