RIP Robert Fisk, the man who brought us Fisking

Robert Fisk, 1946-2020

We’re going to do something new today, which is a guest post from Jed, who brought this story to my attention. Since I can’t say it any better, not only does he get the credit, but he gets to do the work, too.

“The whole blogosphere should be marking this event. Robert Fisk was the man who inspired the term, and practice of, “Fisking”. This was once a wide-spread practice, but these days, it doesn’t seem to show up much. His obit in CNN doesn’t mention it at all.

Here’s an early example.

I recall reading some fiskings that were much more pointed. I wrote some of them myself. Oh, those were the days, when it took some effort to put up a blog, and the spammers hadn’t yet invaded our comments. I put up my first blog in 2002 – still have a notion, from time to time, that I’ll fire one up again.

That I know of, Larry Correia wasn’t blogging back in the old days, but he sure took up the gauntlet.

Offhand, his dismantling of various libtard missives is the only modern instance of this that comes to mind, and some of his are epic.”

And Jed, you need to give into that notion.

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