Not what I was hoping for

(Via the Email List That Must Not Be Named)

It’s being reported that Remus, writer of The Woodpile Report, has left us.

As noted in a referenced article on American Digest,  we have no independent confirmation of his death. It does seem to fit, however. The only time I can remember him missing a Tuesday was the death of his second wife. Using what little I know and could find, I’ve failed to confirm this news myself.

I didn’t know Remus, although I corresponded with him a couple of times. I was always there on Tuesdays when the fresh Woodpile Report came out. His knowledge, curiosity and wisdom were simply a highlight of my week. I learned much from him over the years.

Digging through links,I found this and this. At least some if not most of his wisdom will be preserved.

I honestly didn’t sleep well last night knowing that he is gone. It’s odd how you don’t realize how much you liked and depended on someone, even someone you never met, until they’re gone.


(Edit, 7/14/2020: Via Joel at The Ultimate Answer To Kings, it appears confirmation is here and will be forthcoming on The Woodpile Report site. 2020 has been one crappy year and shows no signs of improvement. “Stay away from crowds.”)

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