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As we approach Election Day, it seems news outlets are pulling out all the stops to frighten and, I believe, intimidate potential Republican voters. The narrative of the inevitability of a Biden victory isn’t selling any longer, so it’s time for Plan B.

There are also increasing signs of division as people continue to move to the extremes of the political spectrum. While this was probably inevitable, it’s sad, because a year ago people in my AO mostly got along. Not so much now.

Let’s dive in.

At the most local level, and one I’m not going to provide links for so that I don’t give away too much about my location, there are two recent stories that I find interesting. The first is a “study” that claims that minorities are the “victims” of traffic stops at a higher rate than whites. That’s become a fairly typical sort of media hit piece in the last few years, and rigorous mathematics always shows the story to be flawed. But the timing, given the recent upheavals in the Bitty Burg is very interesting indeed.

The replies/rebuttals  from local law enforcement agencies have been buried. They’ve also been poorly written and their points poorly made as they try to avoid aggravating the situation.

The second is a series of stories on poll watchers, concentrating on Democrat/liberal/leftist perspectives. The stories do note that it’s against the law for actual, registered poll watchers to even speak to a voter. But they also note that people can be unregistered, outside the polls, in groups, watching, handing out literature and so on. No way that could ever devolve into voter intimidation. Couldn’t happen.

On a Facebook group devoted to local politics from a conservative viewpoint, there’s a post with a screen grab from one of the individuals who orchestrated the demonstrations that led to the removal of our Confederate Memorial, informing his followers that he was forming a local group of “The New Black Panther Nation” and will be the local “chairman”.  

The same Facebook group has noted that the local mayor has abandoned his in-town home, which has become the scene of nightly protests, for his lake home, to which they thoughtfully provided the address. Nice neighborhood-most of the houses are over $500,000, which is a lot for around here. I guess being a politician pays well.

Finally, the group has been warned by Facebook that posts are being removed because there is “false information in your group”. The group owner says that they will not inform him of exactly what posts were removed or what the false information was about.

In Moscow on the Catawba, there is an article on party-switchers, but it spends more time on the “unaffiliated” than it does its putative subject, and claims that the unaffiliated tend to vote for Democrats. Based on my limited experience, I’d say they don’t vote at all, and that means that those who are switching to Republican are a danger that can not be tolerated. Bad voters-no social programs for you!

Wuflu has been a big boost for private education, and the mainstream media doesn’t approve of that either. Breathlessly they report that there are “more and bigger Covid clusters compared to public schools“. Of course, most public schools haven’t seen a kid in a classroom in months, so it’s a little hard for them to keep up. In a related story, some schools are bringing back the kids, so it’s up to you useless parents to prepare your child to live in fear and die horribly, because the schools don’t care about the kids, the teachers or the employees.

And lest we forget about “climate change”, this is this from a series of stories about the poor and down-trodden,focusing on their lack of air conditioning.

For my first 12 years I grew up in a house with no air conditioning. It sucked, but no one died-we just didn’t sleep well from June to October. You sweat a lot and take “cold” showers. But that was then and this is now, when air conditioning is on its way to becoming a human right, along with healthcare, cell phones, Internet access and cable TV.

In every media source, the banging of the Covid Drums continues unabated. “Another record set!” Well of course, every new case creates a new record-they just don’t expect the weak-minded to figure that out. In Moscow on the Catawba, a church has been ordered closed because 3 members have died from the Wuflu. Apparently the church’s membership does nothing to get Wuflu other than attend church functions. I believe we’re being groomed for further shutdowns is we don’t rid ourselves of our Democrat governor.

And this story just popped up-it seems that one of the most liberal colleges in NC if not the US, is under pressure from some alums to denounce an alum who is of the wrong political persuasion and fails to agree with their prejudices.

Things are accelerating. Pay attention and stay alert.

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