Yo! Lefties! Read up if you want a clue why we’re not going to compromise on guns.

At the Federalist,  Meredith Dake-O’Connor write a very nice, civil piece titled “6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your Side On Gun Control”.

She hits the nail on the head on every one of them. In the gunniesphere, we have thoroughly hashed out every one of these, so no need to go over them in detail, although I will say the article is worth the time to read, as she does a good job pulling together the talking points. You might want to bookmark it for future reference.

While I still believe our side needs to come up with at least one well thought-out proposal that we can live with that would help with the spree killer thing, she is quite right when she says we aren’t coming to their side. The NRA is taking increasing heat over theirpoorly considered endorsement of a bump fire stock ban, and it’s only going to get worse. Sorry Wayne and Chris, but calling it as I see it. I’m a Benefactor Member and You. Have. Pissed. Me. Off. I threw two fundraising items from the NRA and the ILA unopened into the recycling bin yesterday, and that is going to keep happening until you screw your heads back out of your asses. I won’t resign my membership like some foolishly do, but I won’t fund your stupidity either. You can sit in Fairfax and…whatever.

I do believe, however, that Meredith missed a few reasons that we won’t be coming to the Lefties side on gun control, and I’d like to toss them out here.

Reason #7: You insist on personally insulting us and threatening us with theft and bodily harm. While this is in part contained in some of the earlier reasons, it needs to be pulled out as a stand alone. You want to take our property–our guns, ammo and accessories–by force and without compensation. You threaten to do this by force, and cowardly enough, by using the coercive force of government. You don’t even have the minimal guts of the Antifa, who will at least pick up a stick and fight for themselves. You are, in effect, making the case for the Second Amendment that was the very reason the Founding Fathers had for writing it into the Constitution in the first place. Not smart.

Reason #8: Hypocrisy: While there are many “little people” who would like us to give up our guns, the loudest voices come from elected officials and famous people who have the wherewithal to have either state-funded or private armed security to protect them. Yet they would have us be denied the most effective form of self-defense that exists. That doesn’t sit well with most of us.

Reason #9: Because Fuck You. Yes, Fuck You. And you, and you and you, and particularly you. Because we see through you. We know that “gun control” itself is just “a good first step.” For you, the removal of our gun rights is simply part of a greater project in which you self-appointed smarter-than-everyone-else-in-the-room types will tell all of us how to live, because we’re too damn dumb to figure it our ourselves. Well, Fuck You. We know what you’re up to. We’ve seen this movie before. We’re not going to get in the box cars quietly. We won’t answer that 3 AM knock on the door bare-handed. We will not be sent to re-education camps without a fight.

Yeah, I’m not a civil as Ms. Meredith Dake-O’Connor. I’m a ticked off old fart who is over the BS. As so many others have said, we had a conversation on guns, and you lost the debate. Get off my lawn.

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