Who said you can’t fight City Hall (or the ARRL)?

It seems that when enough people protest loudly enough and threaten to not renew enough memberships (and I suspect some other monetary hits we know nothing of), the ARRL can indeed listen to the concerns of its members:

Meeting January 19-20, the ARRL Board of Directors adopted a motion to a review the entire code of conduct for Board members, known officially as the ARRL Policy on Board Governance and Conduct of Members of the Board of Directors and Vice Directors. ARRL Officers, Directors, and Vice Directors will review the code of conduct and complete a final draft version by mid-May for the July Board meeting.

In the same motion, the Board deleted and suspended, effective immediately, sections that were considered ambiguous and in conflict with the intent of the code of conduct requiring Board members to act in the best interest of the League’s membership.

There’s more than that, but that’s the part that addresses what I’ve been making noise about. I have to admit I’m shocked. I honestly expected the BOD to attempt to ignore the issue to death, which I feared would exacerbate an already bad membership trend. While they still may wind up hand us a less than desirable outcome on the subject, at least for now they appear to be paying attention to the concerns of their members.

I shall be cautious about being guardedly optimistic.

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