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No, not my first time. I remember in college reading the book “Who Rules America” in an anthropology class. The 20-something year old me thought it was interesting, but irrelevant to him.

The 20-something year old me was often an idiot.

Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man has a post up on this subject, referencing a new essay by Prof. Angelo Codevilla, titled “Revolution 2020“. It’s a hard read, but worth it if you’re new to the topic of “Who actually calls the shots and controls the outcomes in America”.

Hint-it ain’t the voters. They may effect things at the margin occasionally, and they scare and anger our would-be masters, but that’s about it. It will remain that way until those voters decide that voting on booths isn’t working and they take their voting to a new level.

I’m not saying don’t vote, unless your planning on voting for Democrats. Please vote. It doesn’t change the course of things, but it does effect the time line. The election of Donald Trump has thrown a big monkey wrench in their plans, and if you don’t believe it, just look at the streets of your local metro area, if you can see them through the fires. They’re trying desperately to get back on schedule. His re-election, plus maintaining the Republican Senate majority and maybe, just maybe, retaking the House, will buy us more time to prepare for what’s coming.

I don’t like reaching this conclusion, but we will not vote ourselves out of this mess. Of course, people have been telling me this for years, but Normalcy Bias is a thing, and I have it just like everyone else. Doing political work this year, plus paying some extra attention to things, has broken through that mental wall.

So, by all means, vote. Vote by mail if you must, vote an absentee ballot, vote early or do it on Election Day itself, but vote, and vote for the people frighten or anger those who would make you a serf. Those people generally, but not always, are Republicans. They may not be much better than Democrats, but enough still are that it will help. Just remember, we’re fighting a delaying action here, not trying to win the war. That’s going to come later.

I’m not going to indulge in some of the crystal ball reading I’m seeing about the Intertubz. A fool can see that Bad Times are coming, but a wise man avoids trying to predict how bad, where and when. I like to think I’m slowly gaining wisdom. I will go this far out on the limb, and say that it will be worse than you expect, no matter where you live. It will be worse in cities, but it will be bad everywhere. And sooner rather than later.

See to your preparations. Talk to family, friends and neighbors and get a feel for who you’ll be able to trust when things happen. Prepare yourself mentally and prepare to harden your heart. Because modern civil wars are not pretty. And no one really wins.

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