I’ve got something…maybe?

I and others have commented on the near impossibility of commenting on current events. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Things move so fast that you can’t get something written and posted before the entire situation changes, rendering everything you just wrote out of date.
  2. The volume of craziness simply swamps you.

I’ve reacted to this by once again limiting my daily intake of what we call “news”. The damn stuff is toxic, and over-exposure to it is dangerous. It gets people upset, scared or both , and that generally isn’t a good thing when you really need to be aware of the goings on around you and their ramifications for your future safety and well-being.

Today, however, I decided I should probably go through my normal sources and see what the media says we should think is important. I do this from the perspective that I should view these things with a healthy dose of skepticism and a lot of ridicule. So here are a few of the things I’ve noted and my very brief thoughts on each.

“Is SARS-CoV-2 airborne? Questions abound—but here’s what we know”

“Another Charlotte airport TSA agent tests positive for COVID-19, officials say”

“Head of Emergency Management Says Texans Should Wear Masks Inside Their Own Homes

You people have started thinking for yourselves, stopped believing our dire predictions that never come to pass and are slipping our of our controlling grasp-we can’t have that.

“Maxwell Moved to NY for Epstein-Related Sex Abuse Charges”

Allow me to be the first to state that Ghislaine Maxwell did not kill herself. Like Epstein, the woman knows too much.

“Marquette University Threatens To Revoke Admission of Pro-Trump Student Over TikTok Video”

“Cops say tire mark on rainbow pride crosswalk is ‘gesture of hate’ — and get mocked mercilessly after identifying driver they believe left it”

Have we hit Peak Virtue Signalling yet?

“Schiff: Country Continues to Be ‘at Jeopardy’ Without Trump Financial Records”

Why do I hear Jan Brady in my head? “Russian, Russia, Russia!”

That’s not to say that there isn’t some news worth knowing.

“Somali militant group Al-Shabab bans single-use plastic bags”

Ecologically correct terrorists.

“Supreme Court rules that large swath of Oklahoma belongs to Indian reservation”

Congressional legislation in 3, 2, 1… I can’t imagine the havoc that would come from the Muscogee Nation suddenly running half of Oklahoma, but it’s sure fun to think about it. They couldn’t do much worse than the current crop of “leaders”.

“Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up, flees Hong Kong: ‘I know how they treat whistleblowers'”

Well, just color me shocked.

Robert A. Heinlein dubbed the time we’re living through the  “Crazy Years” in his future history. Once again, science fiction becomes science fact. I’m still waiting for my flying car, though.

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