Life in the time of Wuflu, Part 20: Intermission

I haven’t been posting much that is directly about the Wuflu follies, because it has pretty much been more of the same things I’ve published. The major local development is that Obersturmbannfurhrer Governor Cooper has decreed that we shall all wear masks and that we can not buy adult beverages after an arbitrary time.

As you might expect, the big cities sigh in relief and the small towns continue on about their business.

Last night, Mrs. Freeholder and I decided to dine out. We passed through the center of our small town, which has been guarded over for something like 110 years by a statue of a Confederate soldier, place there in remembrance of all those men who died in the War Between the States defending what they believed in.

It sits across the street from the old county courthouse. Camped out on the steps were a contingent of our local Outraged and Offended Citizens, waving signs and trying to get someone, anyone, to honk a horn for them.


Unsurprising. Despite the beliefs of the Outraged and Offended Citizens, things are actually pretty good here, as far as race goes. Most people are polite to each other, help each other when they can and in general, just get along. We all have our n’er-do-wells, and the local constabulary deals with them, without systemic racism as far as I can see.

Across the street, with chairs and beverages, a group of people sat near the statue, showing their support for his continued vigil. There was no Confederate memorabilia in sight. They seemed to be enjoying each others company, and waved at the vehicles that waved at them.

Between the two were 6 cars from local law enforcement, keeping the peace by their vigil.

I’m not going into the antics in the cities or the antics of the politicians. Folks like Bayou Renaissance Man are doing a fine job at that. I’ll just say that I’m keeping an eye on things.

What I am doing is using this time to improve our status, so that we’ll be more prepared in case those balloons go up. I’m pretty sure that the ground crews are at work, readying them for launch. As we approach the November elections, I expect things to get less stable and more kinetic. This will be true no matter who seems to have the upper hand as those elections close in.

Ol’ Remus’s advice to “avoid crowds” is really ringing in my head. I wish we could pack up and move to a place up in back of beyond, but that isn’t feasible for now. We are where we are, and I’ve made my plans assuming that it’s going to stay that way.

Use this time of calm before the storm wisely. It may be our last quiet time for quite a while.

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