My head! Make it stop!

That’s pretty much been me for nearly 3 weeks. For reasons unknown, my migraines went utterly out of control. Neurologist had pulled out all the stops, and we may be getting a handle on this. Finally.

I’d forgotten just how bad it was when I had no control over these things. I did OK at first, but they wear you down. The few days where I caught a break I had to get the minimal level of things done around the house, such as mowing the lawn.

Since I’ve been doing a bit better, I’ve been busting my hump trying to get ready for Field Day. Things won’t be 100% complete, but I’m going on the air if I have to do it with semaphores. And you will finally get the completion of the long dormant series on my building out the “ham shack”, such as it is.

I have been paying some attention to the rabid monsters stalking our culture, but I have little to say that I haven’t said before. At some point, we’re going to have a fight. I think better sooner than later, but no one cares what I think.

There’s still work to do to be ready for tomorrow. I’ll catch you later.

2 thoughts on “My head! Make it stop!

  1. My sympathies about your head.
    Field Day?! OMG, it wasn't even on my radar and who has time nowadays anyway?
    Hmm, as for fighting sooner rather than later, perhaps one could combine anti-idiot-protester activities with providing FD security… I can just see some yahoos thinking mucking up field day as some sort of blow for freedom. Our local SJWs just fire bombed the City-County Building which houses 911 and juvie detainees AND toppled/trashed a statue of a Union Officer who fought to end slavery. Idiots. Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox. Y'all enjoy FD- I gotta work.

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