As far back as I can remember, this was in my Mother’s kitchen. It has always been used to hold bacon grease.

My Father believed that any meal must have meat as a part of it, and for breakfast it was usually bacon. This generated plentiful bacon grease, which was duly saved and used in other cooking. A nice dollop of bacon grease makes many foods, such as canned green beans, taste much better.

Since I retired, breakfast is something I cook, not something I pick up on the way to work. As my Father said of himself, “I’m not a great cook, but I won’t starve.” This morning breakfast was an experiment born of necessity.

One of the things that triggers migraines for me are the nitrates that are often used to preserve meat. And this morning, I woke up with a migraine, but no milk in the house. Breakfast was going to have to involve something other than a bowl of cereal.

Enter bacon and 4 eggs. Cook the bacon to your desired level of doneness. I like mine on the chewy side. Drain the excess grease into the drippings container, and scramble 4 eggs. While they’re cooking, break up the bacon into the eggs. This allows a little bacon, in my case 2 strips, to flavor the entirety of the eggs, not simply a mouthful at a time. When the eggs are cooked, dump it all on a plate and salt and pepper to taste.

Yes, I like a lot of pepper. No, it doesn’t look like restaurant food. Yes, the eggs weren’t as fluffy as they should be-my fault. Yes, it was quite good anyway.

My tastes are simple when it comes to food. Good and plenty of it works for me. Given the state of things, we might better enjoy it that way while we can.

The Nurtec is kicking in, and the migraine is receding. The stuff is a miracle. I won’t have a great day, but I most likely won’t be vegetating in front of the TV in the dark. It’s been a bad week (a migraine 6 days out of 7), but there are still things that must be accomplished. The miracle pill will let me get at least some of it done.

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  1. In our house it's either Bacon Grease, Real Butter, or Olive oil. No plastic spread, or strange refined oil. Just the basics.

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