In which liberals run into the consequences of their actions

(Via the Bongino Report)

It seems that folks in California who thought gun law after gun law was a great thing aren’t so happy when they find out the laws apply to them.

“Sure, it’s impolite to laugh at people in such a situation, particularly if they are frightened as many around the country are these days. But what can I say? I’m obviously a terrible person because it found it pretty humorous.”

Me, I’m impolite. I think it’s hysterically funny. I hope they are pushed into having a good think about the idiocy of their positions. However, I’m not betting on it. I figure in 6 months or so, California, along with a lot of other places, will be awash in nearly new consignment guns, when instead firearms instructors ought to be awash in new business because these new gun owners need education.

There is one pistol I’d like to add to the stable….

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