A little something from Miguel

(Via Michael Bane on Facebook)

Miguel has harsh yet true words for those who oppose the “Fix NICS” bill and the NRA haters.

He’s right. The people who want to kill these things need to be forced to eat the entire shit sandwich the next time we have another school shootathon and the liberals finally get their wet dream gun ban. If we won’t clean our own house, eventually, they’re going to get the opportunity to do it for us, and we won’t like it.

3 thoughts on “A little something from Miguel

  1. I think we're worried about the bill because Trump said, "First, take the guns, due process later." When cautioned by Pence, he repeated it. This basically is tyranny. Also, who decides the criteria? What about spiteful turn-ins? What will keep the criteria from being expanded to take in non dangerous people, especially if the gun grabbers get in power? Some of them were kicking aroound the idea that the desire to get a gun qualifies as mental illness.

  2. And when they change the criteria, (and lets face it, they tried with veterans and some Social Security folks), and then go to something like "owning too many guns" is a disqualifier, (Which is possible with this version of the bill) or "His ex wife says he's a danger" and that becomes a disqualifier or a reason to take your guns without due process…

    A good "Fix Nics" check I could get behind. This one has too many holes in it. Careful, well thought out laws are better than quick fixes. (See also: "Patriot Act").

    One has to wonder why a great number of "Second Amendment" folks atre suddenly for this sort of knee jerk reactionary legislation.

    Kinda like "I'm a gun owner, But…." stuff you hear from folks that really are just shills.

    Why can't you use the logic you have displayed in the past to look at this bill dispassionately? You are smarter than you support of this makes you appear (usually)…Your emotional response to this kinda unusual.

    Think, don't emote. Women do that, men are spozed to be more logical.

  3. Have either of you actually read the text of the bill? https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/4477/text

    There is exactly nothing in the bill that does any other than tell various agencies to:
    A) "Hey, follow existing law!" and gives them some money to do it with
    B) Notifies law enforcement if someone manages to buy a gun who shouldn't have
    C) Commits a crime with a bump stock

    And I'm chucking about the last one.

    There is exactly zero that stops the geniuses in DC from changing the disqualification criteria now. They can do it at their whim and they do. Passage of this bill will do nothing to make that fact better or worse. Face that and deal with it. There isn't a damn thing wrong with this bill other than some folks have apparently lost their ability to comprehend what they read–if they've bothered to read it at all.

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