Trolling about the Intertubz

It’s a migraine day, so given the lack of brain power, I’m just trolling about the Intertubz, reading and watching. Here are a few links in case you too need to be informed or amused.

  • Dispatches from a small town, Claire Wolfe
  • I didn’t know Bussjeager was blogging again. Cool. Back into the blogroll. Also added him to my Patreon roll. While you’re shut in, download his books for a great read. Don’t forget to tip appropriately.

One thought on “Trolling about the Intertubz

  1. Thanks. But I've more or less been blogging continuously since 1996. Only the platform changes. I've been on WordPress since 2014. I've also been blogging at The Zelman Partisans since 2015, and I'm writing for The Truth About Guns since late last year.

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