Apocalypse Delayed

One thing I rarely worry about are the breathless predictions of some event that’s going to collapse civilization.


Seriously, I don’t. I remember back in the 70s when we were all supposed to be dead, having frozen to death, starving, in the dark. Twenty years ago, roughly.

It seems the doom-sayers never catch a break.

The human race has had, and will always have, this knack for making things better than they could be. Yes, civilizations have collapsed and will likely collapse again. But we don’t (as a rule) take it lying down.

As preppers, we prepare because – wait for it – we aren’t going to take a disaster lying down. If we lose a job, we have prepared to buy time so that we can find another, hopefully better, job. If a hurricane hits, we’ve prepared so we can protect what’s ours, have food and clean water, shelter, access to information and be able to render assistance to others.

As a society, despite the worst that government can do to muck things up, we will work out ways to side-step the big Rolling Ball of Doom and come out smelling like a rose. It’s how we’re wired.

My pickup truck, lawn tractor, 4-wheeler and electric supply thank all of you in the shale oil industry for the effort.

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