Hold your horses, cowboys

I’m as jazzed as anyone about the Republican victories on Nov. 2, especially in Virginia. But before the talk of a “Red Wave” gets totally our of control, we need to consider a few things.

First, the Hard Left hasn’t lost anything. The Democrats, who are indeed Left but are, on the whole, Soft Left, lost. The Hard Left and it’s useful idiot shills are going on the offensive. In the next week expect to see them double down and double down again. This is because they sense the momentum changing, and they want to get as much as they can before it changes out from under them.

Second, while important, the wins are really small potatoes unless the winners succeed in rolling back the policies and laws of the Democrats they just beat. When I see Virginia rolling back anti-Second Amendment policies and laws, they I’ll celebrate. Moderately.

Third, the Democrats were prevented from using 2020’s steal tactics only by a bit of luck and a lot of vigilance, and they may still have succeeded in a certain amount of election theft despite that. Expect to see them develop new tools and methods of cheating, or die trying. They know that in truly fair balloting, they’ll lose everywhere except big cities.

Fourth, it’s a long time until November 2022. The Democrats still control the levers of power in DC, and they are not going to self-destruct as Republican so often do when faced with a loss.

Fifth, you can’t vote your way out of Clownworld.

Don’t let your guard down and keep adding to your preps as much as you can. Winter is upon us and our enemies will not hibernate for it.

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