Chill, people

This may sound odd, but now is not the time to panic.

Really, there is never a time to panic. Panic kills. Panic also leads people to do stupid things, like emptying out the bread and milk from grocery stores when snow is forecast in the South. Or emptying out all the paper goods when they realize Wuflu is a thing.

Despite my exhortations to “panic early”, no one needs to panic at all. Ever. For the reasons I note above.

While I’ve seen the empty shelves, I’ve also seen people helping each other, from reaching things on the top shelves for the height-challenged to volunteering to shop for those unable or too frightened to do it for themselves. Sportsball players and team owners are stepping up and helping out the folks who work in the stadiums. Food banks are getting big donations to help out those in need. People are still laughing at the foolishness inherent in the situation. Nobody is going to starve any time soon.

So stay alert. Pay attention to whatever news sources (just not the idiots in the mainsteam media, please) you use. Double check your preparations and fill the holes. Just don’t be these guys, because these guys are assholes.

No, I’m not going wishy-washy on the subject. This is serious stuff and should be taken seriously. But this is starting to get stupid, and stupid is bad. Be smart.

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