One for the bugout crowd

In the prepper community, there’s been a long running discussion of staying put (also known as “bugging in”) versus leaving for the hinterboonies (“bugging out”) when Bad Things start to happen. In almost any circumstance save threat of chemicals, fire or the like, I’m firmly on the side of bugging in. My logic is that if you have prepared, home is where all that stuff is. You know (or should know) your neighbors. You know the lay of the land. You have the home team advantage.

Here are some data points for the bugout side to consider, brought to you courtesy of the Wuflu:

There is an alternative of sorts, which is moving to your bugout location, which is pushed by SurvivalBlog and others. Great idea if you can earn a living (or don’t have to). Sucks for the rest of the world. I never entertained the idea, because I had to earn a living and demand for IT Directors is low in the hinterboonies.

Something to think about when the virus settles.

One thought on “One for the bugout crowd

  1. I agree with your assessment regarding bugging-in.

    Another middle-ground is to have a camper where you can stash kids who boomerang for the duration. You did not bug-out but you enable a very few, very select group to bug-out from their current position to one that is (hopefully) advantageous for both parties.

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