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There have been stories about drug shortages in the media for some time now. If you want to be frightened, here’s a link to the FDA site that tracks such things. If you go through the list, you’re going to see drugs “currently in shortage” that should make you raise that eyebrow.

Forewarned is forearmed.

2 thoughts on “Drug shortages

  1. A few days after the new Corona virus was starting to monopolize the news, I intended to buy some masks. A few days turned into a week due to um, inertia. Let's call it that. Lazy is so imprecise a term. Put 'em in the Amazon cart and did a little more browsing. Time to check out- masks are gone from the cart. Amazon removed 'em because they went out of stock. Ordered some different ones. Six days later, Amazon canceled the order! Guess why.
    Moral: you need drugs? Get 'em now now now.
    P.S.: they were ridiculing me at work but now those same folks are trying to buy masks and discovering the definition of "price gouging". Oh, well.

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