Time to clean up the browser tabs. Again.

This is a bad habit of mine-collecting a bunch of browser tabs that I want to make note of on the blog and then never getting around to it. Some of these have been hanging around for weeks, so I don’t even remember where they came from.

The Master of Disguise

First, a former CIA Chief of Disguise (Who knew?) gives a brief overview if how spies uses disguises. Since we live in an increasingly surveillance-heavy world, this could be the starting point for learning a useful skill.

Bike Stuff

A bike is quiet transportation that burns no fuel other than what you eat. In a situation where things went bad, it could enable you to move faster, thereby expanding your range of operations considerably. Bicycles, properly equipped, will also allow you to carry more weight than you can carry alone.

8 On-the-Road Bike Repairs You Need to Know

7 Mistakes That Slow You Down on the Bike

How to Maintain Your Bike Chain

Eventually we need to talk about small engine bicycle conversions. They’re very fuel efficient and can turn a couple of gallons of gas into a couple of hundred miles traveled.

Angle Firing

Shooting a rifle accurately is relatively simple as long as everything is on the same level. If we shoot a rifle over a long enough level area, wind resistance and gravity will eventually make the bullet curve down and impact the ground. Throw in some up- or downhill and thing get more complicated. The Rifleman’s Rule (Angle Firing) gives you the tools to understand how to hit your target firing up- or downhill.


8 over-the-counter items that you should have on hand. Yes, they could conceivably save your life, or the life of someone under your care. I just don’t care for click-bait titles.

Well, that’s allowed me to reduce the tabs by a decent amount. Until I need to do it again.

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