Lessons from the War Zone

(Via the Drudge Report)

Hats off to Matthew Boyle for his piece “WAR ZONE: BALTIMORE ERUPTS INTO VIOLENCE, CHAOS AS #BLACKLIVESMATTER RIOTS RAGE”  We don’t get first hand reporting from the front very often any more, so it was good to see this.  There are several things in this piece that are worthy of note.

  • Note how quickly this turned from peaceful protest to riot.  You may not get a warning that the situation around you is about to go to hell in a handbasket.  When you’re in a crowd, you always neeed to keep in mind which way is OUT.
  • Note that, being in Maryland, one of the less gun-friendly states in our benighted union, no one was armed.  Amazingly enough and for a change, apparently not even the bad guys.  However, this meant that people who had the need to defend themselves did not have the most effective tools at their disposal.
  • Note that the police, who were on the scene when the riot started, failed to lift a finger to do anything other than watch.  Was this caused by indifference?  By fear of further beatings in the press if something should happen because #blacklivesmatter?  Could have been racially motivated?  We don’t know, but whatever it is, this is a critical data point to bear in mind.  Not only are the police not legally obligated to help you, but they may well leave you on your own even if they are in a position to help you–and there will be no sanctions against them if they do.
  • Note that the white family in the station wagon drove into the middle of a riot in progress.  People. you have to have some minimal awareness of your surroundings.  And for Ghu’s sake, LOCK YOUR DOORS!  It also doesn’t hurt to remember that you are driving a 2 ton guided weapon if it comes right down to it.
  • Note that if you are caught in a riot and you manage to disengage, DE-ASS THE AO IMMEDIATELY!  Mr. Boyle and his brother made the decision to stick around, next door to the riot, and watch the baseball game they had came to see.  Derp!  They should have caught the next train for home and watched it on TV.  What if this had worked it’s way inside the ballpark, Matthew?  Didn’t think about that, didya?

It’s easy for me to Sunday morning quarterback this from a safe remove.  Matthew Boyle and his brother are probably not “into” preparedness and the way we think is most probably pretty alien to them.  However, it seems that we are inevitably coming to a time where people will have to learn to think as we do, or they will become victims of the new reality in our declining nation.

If you already “think like a prepper”, congratulations.  Pat yourself on the back and get back to work.  If you are one of the people who stumble onto this blog because of some of the non-prepper things I post and just happen to have made it to this point, all I’m asking is that you please consider the things I’ve said.  That’s it, just think on it.

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