It’s an amazing world we live in

When you get past all the human drama, we live in a truly amazing world. The hand of God is anywhere you want to look.

I needed to burn a small brush pile in the front yard today. I’ve been waiting for dry weather so the thing would dry out. It’s been dry for 3-4 weeks, so I figured today was the day. While I was sitting and watching the fire, our front porch hummingbird feeder was doing land office business. Enjoy this admittedly poor quality video, shot in slow-motion with my iPhone. Marvel at how fast the hummer moves his wings, even in slo-mo.

Also marvel at the technology that we can put in our pockets. 30 years ago this would have taken tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars of equipment to film. I did it with a 4 generations out of date iPhone.

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