It may be an understatement, but it’s been a hell of a week, hasn’t it? I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts on the week, and am all-too-well aware it ain’t over yet. 

This is as far as I’ve gotten. I’m still thinking things through. I’ve read quite a bit and talked to a number of my friends. To use a term you don’t hear often these days, we all are pretty much “floored”. I think we all expected a miracle. Well, God does answer prayers, but sometimes the answer is “No.”

Mountain Man is of the opinion that God has turned his face from our country. I hope he’s wrong, but I have to admit that it’s starting to appear he isn’t.

The big thing it seems all of us are doing is watching and waiting. Enough mistakes have been made by our side recently and no one is in the mood for more. It feels like we have been out-thought and out-maneuvered at every turn.

The Georgia elections-no one was really surprised at the outcome. You had the same people running the show, using the same voting machines and under the same rules that encourage fraud. There is evidence that fraud was again involved and some that the election was simply purchased. I also suspect that Republican candidates helped do themselves in.

January 6. What a shit show. I listened to much of the President’s speech, and while he really said what he thought, I never heard him say “Hey, let’s go take over the Capital Building!” or anything like that. Still, he and his supporters are blamed for it, even though evidence is growing for police incompetency and Antifa agitators being the ones who, for the most part, orchestrated the thing. Yes, some of our people were involved, but it’s very easy to turn a crowd into a mob, especially if that’s the plan.

The taking of the Capital was followed by Republicans running for cover, both literally and figuratively. Of course, they were just doing what they do best-cave. They followed up by caving on the objections to electors.

One person I knows says this was “the Reichstag fire“. Possibly so. I think it was a masterful piece of planning on the part of those who are working to fundamentally transform our country. They knew the rally was coming on the same day as the canvass of the electors and they planned to cause trouble. They knew that Republicans are the Party of Cave, because that’s been demonstrated for decades now. They had their plan and they executed it just about flawlessly. I think they may have also cought a lucky break or two, and that just made things all the better-for them.

It makes no difference that we have them on video, and that more and more of the actors are being identified. The narrative is “Orange Man Bad, Orange Man Supporters EVIL!” and it’s being spouted by every Leftist celebrity and elected official in the land, not to mention most of the media, even some that is supposedly friendly to Trump. And please don’t get me started on most Republican elected officials, various Trump aides and a couple of cabinet members.

I really dislike people who want to be eaten last. At least my Congressman was a Congressman, not a Congressweasel. he stood up on his hind legs and voted against seating the electors from Arizona and Pennsylvania.

We also have the incessent calls for the invocation of the 25th amendment and/or yet another impeachment. I listened to Rush Limbaugh some yesterday, and he has a thought that I have to agree with-the left is scared spitless of Donald J. Trump. He must be utterly destroyed, no matter what the cost. I suspect they still haven’t figured the guy out. I’m disappointed that he didn’t have some masterstroke that would turn things around, but I suspect he is just as surprised as most of us out how deep the Deep State goes, how many are in its thrall and at how far they were willing to go.

With luck, Mike Pence will be unable to get elected dogcatcher going forward.

I still suspect Trump is up to something, but I could well be wrong. Perhaps he will simply wash his hands of the whole thing and go have drinks on the terrace. I doubt that, though. The man has no quit in him as far as I’ve observed.

The number of people who still get their information only from the mainstream media simply confounds me. Are the vast majority of Americans so…stupid, unobservant, something…that they can’t figure out when they’re being told that war is peace and slavery is freedom? How often do you have to be smacked in the face before you decide that you’re tired of it and you go elsewhere? Of course, as I’ve noted, even the so-called “alt media” is far from perfect.

Like Republicans, journalists don’t seem to have the courage of their convictions.

Yesterday, despite the urge to both sit at the keyboard and buy every round of ammo available on the Intertubz, I did neither. Despite everything, life must go on. We’ve been told that we’re going to get snow today, and any snow around here shuts everything down for days. So I had to get trash to the dump, get money, get gas and heaven help me, groceries, as Thursday is Grocery Day. Plus I needed to get fire wood split and under cover and help a friend with a radio problem. All of it got done, and it kept my mind off things that, frankly, I can do nothing about other than obsess-and that ain’t helpful. It also gave me time to think, which you’re getting the supposed benefit of now. Man, am I sore.

The Democrats and Leftists (I believe there is a difference here) are now firmly in control of the Federal government. The last time this happened we got Obamacare. We’ll get worse this time. They are scared to death that they’ll get tossed from power again, so expect election “reform” that will cement their ability to cheat at will at any level they so chose. Expect attempts to turn DC and Puerto Rico into states. Expect the borders to be thrown open, and there will be zero wall building. Expect them to work on undoing the progress we’ve made with the courts. Expect draconian gun laws, supposedly motivated by the goings-on of January 6, even thought the only use of a firearm was by the police. 

RIP, Ashli Babbit. You deserved a lot better from your government than you ultimately got. I have to wonder what happened to the flag she had draped over her when she was shot. That’s a relic the Left ought to be very frightened of, if history is a guide. Out of such things movements are built.

Expect to see government spending go to the moon. Tax rates and items taxed will follow shortly. There is a very good chance that our economy will fly into the side of a mountain, and we will take the global economy with us in large part. One of the dangers of the unfettered globalism we’ve been subjected to is everyone’s exposure to everyone, and I’m betting we’re going to get a powerful lesson in why that’s a bad thing.

I hate being dark. At heart I really think of myself as an optimist, although most people who know me don’t agree. I suppose it’s my nasty streak of realism that does that. But I don’t see anything good coming from this, unless it’s the dissolution of the Republican Party and the formation of a new party that gets back to the basics of honoring the Constitution and caring for the citizens.

Time for me to push back from the keyboard. There are things to do, things that will keep me sane and that I hope will improve our ability to outlast what’s coming. Don’t be shocked if posting is lighter than it has been recently. I’ll try to find something to say, but right now I’m afraid all I’ll do is go over the same thing again and again, and you don’t care to hear that, I’m sure.

Keep the faith. Sometimes that’s all you have.

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