Yeah, I was pretty pissed yesterday. Thanks to those of you who reached out. It’s hard to watch your country flushing itself down the toilet, and I let it get under my skin badly.

I took a lot of that anger out around the house. The yard got mowed, trimmed and the hard surfaces blown off. More firewood, about 5 trailers of it, got carried. Yeah, my back hurt and so did my blasted feet. Zero fucks, pardon my French. I’ve been using that word a lot lately, and yesterday in particular. I guess I’m reverting to my days as a 19D.

I also checked the supply levels for things automotive and ordered a few things. This is not a time to get caught short.

Mr Freeholder and I got a pizza making machine last week. All the local pizza places are crap, in bad neighborhoods or both. Delivery is sort of spotty, and the stuff is loaded with salt and I think MSG. MSG is verboten because it triggers migraines, as are most pizza toppings. So when made our own “white pizza”, using jarred Alfredo sauce, chicken and bacon bits. And cheese – plenty of cheese. Even using a store-bought crust it was good. Even Bob the Cat wanted some. The rest of the bums were asleep.

Today, I’m off to help Mountain Man out. He’s got some health issues holding him back, and while I can’t do what he does, I can hand him things, clean things, do whatever is needed.

I’ll leave you with this thought. Even though I’m wont to pop off, this is the time for considered actions. Carefully planned and considered actions. Start planning and considering if you haven’t already.

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  1. As a former 2ACR guy (I’m that old) I had to chuckle when I read your comment about 19D behavior. The occasional ‘cav attack’ does vent off some steam – just have to do it out of earshot of the better half!
    Hang in there and stay safe


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