Do we really need to say it again?

The headline in the Sacremento Bee blares:

4 dead, including shooter, during attack at Gilroy Garlic Festival. 6-year-old killed

Yes, another disturbed individual has decided to pursue his 15 minutes by killing people he didn’t know and who were no threat to him. This was done in spite of California’s:

  • “Firearm Safety Certificate” program
  • Firearm registration
  • Assault weapons ban
  • Standard High capacity magazine ban
  • Lack of “shall issue” concealed carry and laws against open carry in incorporated areas
  • Ban on NFA weapons without a state license
  • Waiting period for purchase
  • Background checks for purchase
  • “Red flag” law
  • And coming soon, an ammunition control law


This guy cut his way through a security fence (a crime) so he could shoot and kill people who are disarmed and kept disarmed by legislative fiat (more crimes). They only thing that saved the situation from going to hell in a handbasket was the presence of armed law enforcement (that some ultra-Leftists in that state want to disarm as well), who made him DRT.

So yeah, I think it does need to be said again. You can pass laws against guns, violence and violence with guns until your eyes bleed. Criminals don’t respect laws.  

So, leftists, don’t tell me I need to give up my guns because your fairy tale world never works. Not happening.

1 thought on “Do we really need to say it again?

  1. For more than 20 years when I lived in horrid San Diego I was a walking felon. Always. Armed and extra mags wherever I went. Totally illegal and could have faced many multiple felony sentences and why? I had no CCW of any kind and was promised that I could never get one from the government that believed rightly so it could dictate as I walked about then I would be forever disarmed. So I was armed anyways. Had wife (now X) demand "so what will you do just shoot someone!!!?" and my reply? "Yes I will but only to save my life or the life of others" and she did not understand one word I said. A perfect picture of a victim is what I had married. So don't forget government demands we citizens be disarmed and evil does not care what government says. So they are free to kill and only plain pure luck their was police on this scene willing to engage to shooter in live fire. No "citizen" could do so because we are under threat of prison for wanting to protect ourselves from evil.

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