Walther Volkspistole

(OK, I don’t want to tread on Forgotten Weapons turf, and don’t get used to me posting every day again, because I don’t know if this will keep up.  But I got this via email from the NSSF’s “Pull the Trigger” newsletter, and it’s too interesting to not pass on.)

During a war, no matter which side you’re on, the push to produce more war material faster and cheaper is inevitable.  Things get used up, blown up, lost and otherwise destroyed.  The Germans during World War II were no exceptions to this, and near the end of the war, when the push was on to arm more and more men for the defense of the Reich, they turned to Walther with the request for production of a “volkspistole”.  While few remain and probably none of us will ever see one, it makes for some interesting reading.

It’s also interesting to note that so many of the things commissioned by the Nazis were “volks” this and “volks” that.  Translating to “people’s”, it sounds distinctly socialistic to me.  Maybe that has something to do with their full name:  the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  Amazing how so many these days accuse those of conservative and libertarian bents of being “Nazis”.  But those who don’t read their history are doomed to repeat it–and drag the rest of us along for the ride.

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