What to do as a concealed carrier if you’re stopped by the police

Given yesterday’s events in Palm Springs, CA, I can’t help but expect that most police officers will be a little more on edge.  You can’t blame them, our current national leadership has all but required them to wear targets on their chests.  When we have officers who are fearful of using their guns (and are beaten half to death) because they are more afraid of the consequences of the use of force than they are of the criminals, we have a problem.  When officers are targeted for being officers, we have a problem that is out of hand.

As concealed carriers, we’re in danger of being caught in the middle.  Yes, we’re statistically the most legal of the legal and all that.  It won’t matter if Officer Not So Friendly Any More sees one of us do something that causes him to perceive us as a deadly threat and we catch a few rounds.  In this current climate, it’s a 50-50 chance whether the officer is hung out to dry or has a medal hung around their neck.  Either way, you’re probably dead.

So, in the interest of making sure this doesn’t happen, here are a couple of short videos for you to view.  One is from Adam Painchaud, director at the Sig Sauer Training Academy and a cop himself.

The next is from Barney DeBrosse, an Ohio attorney.  His words are more specific to Ohio, but useful in other places as well.  Once you finish it, you need to troll through the comments.  It’s worth seeing what some of our alleged fellow permit holders have to say.  My personal opinion is along the lines of “You’re not helping, people,” but I’m a noted asshole who thinks that you will never win trying to argue with a cop on the side of the road.

In any case, whether you take either of these gentlemen’s advice or not, now would be a good time to consider how you would interact with any members of law enforcement should you have need to while carrying, which you should be doing a much as you can given the state of things.

We live in ever more interesting times.  Be smart and be ready.

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