Obviously, you want to be a Rooftop Korean

(Via Kim Du Toit at Splendid Isolation)

Kurt Schlichter at Town Hall urges us all to be “Rooftop Koreans”. I would imagine that 90% of the audience here is already prepared to take that advice.

While I enjoyed and agree with his point, some of the other stuff in his article was much more interesting. To wit:

The decent people of LA were terrified, and with good reason. See, the dirty little secret of civilization is that it’s designed to maintain order when 99.9% of folks are orderly. But, say, if just 2% of folks stop playing by the rules…uh oh. Say LA’s population was 15 million in 1992…that’s 300,000 bad guys. There were maybe 20,000 cops in all the area agencies then, plus 20,000 National Guard soldiers and airman, plus another 10,000 active soldiers and Marines the feds brought in. Law enforcement is based on the concept that most people will behave and that the crooks will be overwhelmed by sheer numbers of officers. But in the LA riots, law enforcement was massively outnumbered. Imposing order took time.

Yeah. Sleep well and pray for the health and safety of that 99.9%. And be prepared if that 2% decides to come visit.

One thought on “Obviously, you want to be a Rooftop Korean

  1. "be prepared if that 2% decides to come visit" is the reason I lobbied the landlord during re-roofing to install a lookout tower accessed from the living room. No soap. I tried.

    Had a relative in LA during the unpleasantness and he said it was very "interesting".

    I was shipmates with a guy who helped put down a small riot in the Philippines with a 12 gauge and double ought buckshot. Fun times.

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