But how do you know if the meat’s good?

(Via The Woodpile Report, which should to be a weekly read.)

So you’ve shot Bambi and it’s time to part him out. What to watch for to ensure the meat is edible.

FYI, I pulled my copy of “Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game” by John J. Mettler, Jr. DVM and there is far less information on the subject in that book that there is in this article. A word to the wise….

One thought on “But how do you know if the meat’s good?

  1. I ate some deer balonies at an amish friends house . My gut tried to shit me to death for the next two weeks . Imodium AD and Gator Aid saved my bumm after the wife put on her lipstick and visited the local pharmacy . Those pharmacists can be more valuable than most doctors . Especially when a Cherokee / Irish squaw is fluttering her eyelashes . That's what got this Irish boy convinced . Use all your resources !

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