On the practical side

I’ve been cruising a Facebook group that’s dedicated to one of the areas Mrs. Freeholder and I are considering as a possible retirement location. It has in common with most of our locations a “beachy” locale, which at the moment means it’s under threat from Irma.

This one is just outside of the current “cone of uncertainty”, and a lot of people are on the fence on leaving. Me, I’d leave, but a lot of people fall in love with houses. So I’m trying to dispense a little bit of helpful knowledge; things they can still do in the time they have to put themselves in a better position if things do get rough. I thought I’d share them here. Maybe some of you will find yourselves in a position to share them as well.

These are all from Steven Harris, a frequent guest on Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast. Steven’s background is in automotive engineering, but he is a fair whiz at a lot of technical subjects.

The first is his “over-arching site”, Steven1234.com. You can get to any of this stuff from there with some digging. It’s a bit…wordy.

The two really important ones for our current issue are Solar1234.com, in particular the “How to Power Your House from Your Car with an Inverter” podcast. The next is BeforeTheStormHits.com. This one is the “You have screwed up and not evacuated and have limited time to get ready” podcast. You have to sign up but it’s a freebie. Both are Good Stuff.

Let’s go do some good out there.

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