So how’d that favor to the PD work out for you?

In the great tradition of Jim Zumbo, Benchmade Knives really slammed their dick in a drawer this week. If you haven’t heard about it, allow me to ask how that hunting trip in Alaska was.

I haven’t posted about it since everyone else was and I really had nothing useful to add. I’ve never been a Benchmade customer, so I can’t even boycott them.

However, Jim Shepherd of the Shooting Wire has a pretty good take on the situation. Scroll down toward the bottom to the editorial section of the Friday, February 22, 2019 Shooting Wire to read it.

Edit, 3/11/2019: Zendo Deb was kind enough to dig up a direct link to the editorial. Thanks, Deb.

4 thoughts on “So how’d that favor to the PD work out for you?

  1. 1) Thanks for the link; I had never heard of The Shooting Wire.

    2) Seems like an awful lot of hyperventilating by a lot of uninformed people. Not that the 2A should be infringed…

    3) I don't wanna live in "interesting times" anymore. Can we roll back to a previous version?

    4) Almost totally OT, when I read about that Coast Guard mouth-breather LT with 1K rounds and a kill list, I thought "WTH is wrong with him?" and "decades in service and he's only an O-3?" and "1k rounds? So? That's a well-planned weekend at the range". Not that I can afford such a fantasy weekend…

    5) When the captcha gets smarter than me, I guess I'll hafta quit commenting on the internet. Jeez, sometimes I feel like I'm failing the Turing test. This comment in no way implies a criticism of the blog owner's right to employ captcha. The combination of work-related sleep-deprivation and a wee shot of gin lowers my IQ a bit too much…

  2. 1) You're welcome.
    2) These days, we have to be hyper-vigilant. The gun grabbers are going to try for the death of a thousand cuts.
    3) I wish.
    4) Don't trust all the info in those articles. Like so many of these sensationalized firearm arrests, it smells off.
    5) I hear you. Try them on a smart phone when your eyesight ain't what it used to be.

  3. Cool. I didn't even know they did that. Low situational awareness on my part. I'm going to put that link in as an edit. Thanks.

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