I think I’m going to print this out and frame it

(Via The Shooting Wire)

“Our chief politicians, billionaires, anti-gun Hollywood celebrities, and even money being transported in trucks are all protected by people with guns. Aren’t kids just as important? What’s wrong with these people? Why do they demand that we keep the kids at such risk?”

And every time a Hollywood star, a media talking head, a gun grabber or a politician mouths off with some idiotic nonsense about guns, I’m going to take it off the wall and beat them over the head with it.

When my kids were in school, which is about a quarter mile from our home (middle and high school are next door to each other) and were old enough to understand the issue, we had a talk about the possibility of a nut job showing up at their school with a gun.

Much to Mrs. Freeholder’s chagrin and against her will (she’s a teacher, you see), Daddy told them that at the first sound of gunfire they were to get out of their school by the fastest route possible and run like hell for the nearest cover or concealment, then make their way home staying concealed as much as possible. They were specifically to ignore the orders of any teacher or staff who told them to do otherwise–Daddy would deal with the fallout if there was any.

The reason I told them this is that I had no intention of my kids becoming statistics. In the event of a school shooting, that’s what the previously mentioned crowd wants–they want a body count, and the bigger the better. They want to climb up on that pile of dead kids and lecture us on how smart they are and how evil we are until they can convince just enough people that they can force their viewpoint on us, oddly enough at the point of a gun, this one held by the state.

Well, I wasn’t going to have that then with my kids, and I won’t have it now with someone else’s kids. It’s time we protect our kids as well as these worthless pieces of protoplasm are protected. I read that at the self-congratulatory Oscars a few days ago there were over 500 cops in multiple rings of security, all so the beautiful people could feel safe and protected while they patted each other on the back and lectured the rest of us on Trump, sex and guns.

In the meantime, out in the real Los Angles, the lectured were being robbed, raped and murdered, and all they could do was call Dial-A-Prayer 911 because California’s laws make it nearly impossible to carry a gun for self defense.

It’s high time that the lectured stand up to the lecturing and pull them down off that podium. And hit them over the head with our own brand of “common sense”.

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