Let’s talk training

(Once again, found on Facebook.  I think there is a conspiracy out there to make Facebook gun friendly.  Works for me.)

In his latest post, The Tactical Professor holds forth on “Why don’t people train?”  Given the seriousness that a situation where you need to use a firearm in self defense commands, it’s a valid question.  He breaks it down to seven reasons, some of which go hand in hand with each other.  I’m not going into them here, you’ll do better to go read it all at his place.

I dropped a longish comment (currently in his moderation queue, so you may not be able to see it) addressing two additional points that I think also affect people’s training decisions–marketing, or more specifically, the lack of effective marketing by smaller, more local trainers, and the lack of any effective mechanism by which we can judge the quality of a trainer other than by taking a course and taking our chances.

Training is a very important part of self defense, and it is something that you have to do frequently, because the skills are perishable.  I know I haven’t been to a training in way too long, and I’m in desperate need, and so is everyone in my family.  There are some trainers in our local area, anywhere between a 30-90 minute drive, which is perfectly feasible for a 1 day class.  Except they don’t offer a 1 day class or the offer it on Tuesday.  Or the trainer doesn’t give me enough information on his background that I’m comfortable plopping down 4 registrations on the chance that he actually knows something and is a good enough instructor to get it across to us

I doubt that many trainers drop by my little outpost on the Intertubz, and I’d be astounded if any of them are anywhere near the Piedmont area of North Carolina.  But if you are one, or you know one, guys, there is a untapped market out there that is ready to lay some cash on you.  You just need to let us know who you are, why we should trust you with our time and our money, where to sign up and when to show up.

Just so it isn’t on Tuesday.

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