There will be no civil war – until there is

(Via the Woodpile Report)

Matt Bracken is all sunshine and puppies in this piece for American Partisan. I had a hard time pulling a money quote, but let’s go with this one.

In short, Civil War Two will quickly become an urban versus rural conflict divided along demographic and cultural lines. This type of dirty civil war will be fought at the zip code and neighborhood level. Front lines will be vague and constantly shifting, with three or more local factions often competing for supremacy. It will be a civil war of secret arrests, disappearances, IEDs and targeted assassinations that will have many of the worst attributes of Argentina and Northern Ireland in the 1970s, or even Rwanda and former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Like I said, sunshine and puppies. I doubt that what he says will be news to those who come by here, but take some time and go read it anyway. Then see to your preparations for bad times. They might be here before you know it.

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